Welcome to the Institute of Social Order

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The Institute of Social Order or ISO has continued in its work as one of the social apostolates of the Society of Jesus. It is a non-government organization armed with a mission to uphold the rights and dignity of the poor and marginalized. Presently, ISO has been working with small municipal fishers, the sector considered to be the poorest of the poor in the country. Learn more about the rich history of the ISO in social development work starting from its founding in 1947.


Readnews items about the ISO’s activities in its current development work as well as topics related to these activities.


Learn more about theactivities of the ISO. In line with the principles of faith that does justice, the ISO is currently implementing several programs that serve to empowerthe marginalized and help them manageof their natural resources.


Check out the various resources thatISO has produced through the years. The resources include researches and publications and even videosofISO activities. The ISO also produced maps related to differentaspects of ISO program areas. Lastly, the annual publication of the ISO, the Daluyan can also be found here.


Find out about the ISO’s facilities as well as make a reservation to use any of these facilities. The ISO has conference rooms available in the Walter Hogan Conference Center that can host conferences, events, and even serve as classrooms. It also has a residence hallthat serves as both a dormitory and lodgings.

If you want to know more about the ISO, please feel free to contact usand we will gladly assist you in any way we can.

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