Special Projects

Facilitating Public-Private Partnership through Co-Management of a Marine Protected Area

With assistance from Chevron Philippines, the Institute of Social Order (ISO) aims to facilitate the setting- up and operationalization of a marine protected (MPA) area in Barangay Poro, which will be co-managed by the City Government of San Fernando, La Union thru the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (City ENRO), private sector (Chevron), and the community of Poro under the framework of public-private partnership (PPP).
Under the PPP framework, the community will be enjoined to take initiative in the protection of the coral reef systems and seagrass beds of Barangay Poro along with the various fish and marine resources that can be found there, with support from the private sector, the national government agencies, and the LGU.

Project Objectives

1. To forge a partnership among the Institute of Social Order, Chevron Philippines,  and the City of San Fernando, La Union to establish a Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Barangay Poro.

2. To hone the partners’ technical and legal capacities on coastal resources management (CRM) by providing opportunities by which they can apply these and by integrating Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) in CRM.

3. MPA Planning, Establishment, Operationalization and Monitoring

4. To form a self-reliant peoples’ organization (FO) with members coming from Brgys Poro; Catbangen; Ilocanos Norte; Ilocanos Sur; and Pagdaraoan.

5. To establish sustainable livelihood  enterprises for the members of the organization


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