The Institute of Social Order (ISO) was formally established in 1947 through the efforts of Fr. Walter Hogan, S.J. in concretizing the social teachings of the Catholic Church.

Among the fruits of its endeavors is the formation and strengthening of several highly regarded people’s organizations like the San Dionisio Cooperative,the Federation of Free Farmers (FFF), the Federation of Filipino Workers (FFW), the Zone One Tondo Organization(ZOTO) and other urban poor groups that contributed significantly to the passage of the Urban Development and Housing Act in 1992.

Today, the ISO is pursuing development programs that adopt integrated, community and value based approaches in partnership with the government and the other development-oriented organizations. These programs are focused on environmental management and gender-equity. The Institute is also reviving its training and education programs in response to the continuing needs of the basic sector and partner  organizations.

Along with these, the Institute works towards professionalizing and streamlining its development approaches/models and management system so it can serve its target clients better and to contribute the furtherance of NGO work and technologies.

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