Social Transformation and Grassroots Empowerment (STAGE) Program

The community-based coastal resources management (CB-CRM) program that the Institute of Social Order implements to empower the fisherfolk communities. ISO believes that those who primarily use resources should be their rightful managers. As such, it utilizes a bottom-up approach that helps them manage their own local natural resources in an integrated and holistic way.

STAGE V (2010 – 2015) The current phase of the program envisions to establish an integrated sustainable eco-management zone encompassing Northern Lamon Bay and San Miguel Bay in the Quezon and Camarines Provinces. The ISO aims to do this by forming alliances of bay-wide IFARMCS comprised of empowered and responsible FOs capable of partnering with the LGUs in implementing natural resources management. In STAGE 5, ISO will replicate its CBNRM models nationwide with special focus on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.

STAGE is implemented in two areas.

Northern Lamon Bay.

San Miguel Bay.

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