Mga Hamon ng Nagbabagong Panahon: Mga Banta ng Climate Change sa mga Komunidad sa Baybaying Dagat at Kabukiran

August 10, 2015

Now on its 68th year of advancing the rights of marginalized sectors in the country, ISOcelebrate its anniversary by facilitating a learning session that discusses the link between environmental issues and the fisheries sector. Part of this session is the formal showing of ISO’s video documentary on climate change, which was shown to the whole ISO community.

This video documents the impacts of climate change faced by coastal communities. In particular, it highlights the experiences of the small island municipality of Jomalig, a small low-lying island in the Polillo Group of Island in Quezon Province. It shows how coastal resources are affected by climate induced hazards, and how these affects fisherfolk who depend on these resources for their livelihood. The video likewise narrates how the fishers and farmers– adjudged to be the poorest of the poor in the Philippines, face challenges hurled by climatic and environmental changes, and what they are doing to adapt to these changes for survival.

This knowledge product was made possible through the project entitled Capacitating Vulnerable Communities Towards Sustainable Natural Resource Production and Managementimplemented in Jomalig Island from 2012 to 2014 in cooperation with PhilDHRRA Luzon and with support from the Foundation for the Philippine Environment.

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