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Value Based Education Project (VBEP)


Increase the awareness of the different resource stakeholders in the management and protection of their resources, and to build their capabilities in social development work with a strong emphasis on values formation.


  • Develop training programs and modules from the Institute's consolidated experiences;
  • Pilot-test methods and approaches that integrate value clarification, re-orientation and re-enforcement of attitude, beliefs and values that affirm responsible stewardship and sustainable resource utilization;
  • Assist community-based programs in enhancing knowledge, skills and attitudes of their PO leaders and members in organizational and project development and project development;
  • Lobby and advocate issues and concerns related to natural resources management through publications, media campaigns and network building.

Strategic Components

Value Based Education Program focuses on the following:

T - Trainer's Training for Learning Faciliatators. This provides an opportunity for people willing to contribute to environmental protection by enhancing their knowledge and developing their skills as learning facilitators and educators.

A - Attitudes and Values Clarification Recreation and Sustenance. Addresses the moral dimension of the ecological crisis such as the lack of respect to nature that emanates from the lack of concern for the dignity of the human person.

S - Skills Development and Upgrading. Focuses on the enhancement of the technical capabilities of the stakeholders and community members involved in the implementation of community-based natural resource management program.

K - Knowledge Enhancement. Intends to generate broader awareness and understanding of environmental and developmental issues and concerns by providing logical frameworks and skills for analyzing the situation.

A - Advocacy. Promotes the strengthening of coalitions and alliances working on natural resource management. Information dissemination will be launched by developing and popularizing education materials, and sessions at the national, provincial, local and community levels.


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